Compost Testing

Compost Testing

Compost testing, mulch testing and soil conditioner testing is backed by a specialist compost consulting team. Full range of AS 4454-2012 methods. Testing compost performance and manufacture. physical characteristics and more to satisfy national compliance declarations and abide by Australian standards and regulations in the industry.

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  • Compost testing of physical parameters
  • Carbon, Nitrogen, Amonium
  • AS 4454 Compost Wettability testing
  • AS 4454 Composts, Soil Conditioners and Mulches
  • Compost nutrient testing

SESL Laboratory

Our NATA accredited laboratory provides specialized and tailored material testing for compost production. Our lab is backed by skilled consultants, talk to our consultants to help your compost perform at its best for the job.

Heavy metals and other POP’s

Nutrient Analysis

AS 4454 Compost Testing

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