Did you know … ? – Order aerial photos in NSW

SESL Australia

Aerial photo of Thornleigh, SydneyIf you’re curious about what your property looks like from the air or you need an aerial photo for planning purposes, you can look on-line at the NSW Land and Property Management Authority.

Go to the AirView site at http://www.lands.nsw.gov.au/airview/.

On the left of the screen is presented a list of options. You can search by place name (“Suburb Search”) or you can pick from a map of NSW (“Spatial Search”). Having made your selection, you are presented with a map of the region. Click on the map to select a portion, and a square is marked. Now click on “Display Photo”. You are presented with an aerial photo of that area and an order form.

At this point you can save the (low-resolution) image to your computer, but if you need a print, you can use the order form. You have a choice of a normal print (“Contact print”), a transparency (“Diapositive print”) and an enlargement, either of the whole image or of part of it. When you’re ready, click “Add to Order”.

Prices appear to start from $59 and can exceed $200.