Preliminary Site Inspection – Getting the right team on your side

SESL Australia

Depending on where you live in Australia a Preliminary Site Inspection (PSI) may be a council requirement within a development application.  If you reside within Queensland, you are required to find a suitably-qualified person to determine its suitability for purpose.

In today’s world of shrinking budgets and time lines, delivering the project on time and within budget are crucial to the success of your project but so too is the need to ensure your project meets all its legislative requirements so finding the right “suitably-qualified person” is essential.

It is important to remember when conducting a preliminary site inspection that the knowledge and experience of a professional, not just their status as “suitably qualified” is what will greatly affect the success of your project. To guide you through your regulatory obligations knowledgeable and experienced scientists and consultants have the ability to objectively assess the scope of a project and identify costs, risks and potential value adds. Additionally, the knowledge gained from previous projects in similar situations can prove invaluable in determining effective solutions for your project.

At SESL every project receives the attention of our multi-disciplinary team, each contributing their knowledge and understanding to the final solution.

We offer a wide range of

Environmental services

Environmental due diligence

Phase 1 Desk Study reports 

Phase 2 Intrusive Site Investigations

Phase 3 Remediation

Soil Classification

Our team’s knowledge of contaminated lands, waters and soil science have resulted in multi-million-dollar savings, via on-site remediation, amelioration and reuse of site soils during construction. In order to achieve such cost effective, robust solutions, it is critical that a consultant or team of consultants takes the time to understand a project and develop the best possible recommendations.

SESL Australia has a scientific consulting history dating back to 1984. Our Managing Director, Mr Simon Leake, who established the company remains an active member of our consulting team. We have offices in QLD, NSW, ACT and VIC, all of which contain professional consulting scientists from a range of backgrounds, including environmental, soil science and contaminated lands.

Staff from all of our offices work nationally, collaborating to develop client-focussed solutions. When considering your next project, make sure you have the right team working for you. The overall cost and long-term effectiveness of the deliverable will benefit from the knowledge of your consultants.

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