SESL’s director Simon Leake has released a new book!

SESL Australia
“GROW YOUR OWN – How to be an Urban Farmer”, by Simon Leake and Angus Stewart
“The rise in popularity of urban farming in all its forms has resulted in many books and articles on the subject many of which are a bit light on substance and big on the feel-good.  “Grow Your Own: How to be an urban farmer” is literally a “how-to” book tackling the hard subjects like soil management, use of fertilisers, the how-to of composting and the needs of plants. Written by a soil and a plant scientist it goes to great lengths to explain the fundamentals of soil management rather than just giving recipes for fertiliser or compost. By understanding what is going on in your soils, composts and plants you can better adapt your practices and succeed with healthy nutritious food grown mostly organically and recycling your own organic wastes as fertiliser. The principles you will learn can be applied to any sized farm from a balcony in the city to an urban community allotment. Understand how to propagate your own plants, make your own fertilisers, and grow healthy food in any urban environment. ” 
Grow Your Own PR
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