Soil testing by mail

SESL Australia
Photo of Australia Post mail boxes

By Nathaniel Hardy

It’s very easy to send samples to the SESL Australia lab by mail. Here’s how.

What can be sent via mail?

Most things, including:

If you are not sure what you can send, call or e-mail us.

How should I package the sample?

Always make sure that the samples are labelled clearly with your details and the details of the sample. Make sure that the containers (bags, bottles, jars) are all well sealed, and double-bag them if you need to. Write the testing required or a quote number if you have one, ideally on the sample, or on a sheet of paper.

How much does it cost to send?

The cost depends on the volume of sample that is required for testing. Once you have spoken to us and have the correct sample volume, you can go online to Australia Post or your preferred courier and get an immediate quote. For example, the postage for a sample for a soil chemistry analysis from Brisbane to the SESL lab can be as little as $7.20, or $10.55 for an Express Post satchel.

I don’t have a soil sampling kit!

You don’t need one. It’s easy to collect a sample. For many of our test packages all you need is a clean container. For soil chemistry analysis or plant material analysis, a paper bag is ideal. If you are concerned about the process or what you need to do, get in touch with us and one of our scientific team can talk you through the process in detail.

International samples

We are happy to receive samples from international customers. If you are looking to get your sample analysed in Australia, contact us before you mail the sample. Australia has strict quarantine laws. We can arrange for your sample to be correctly processed to ensure that it complies with the quarantine laws.

Easy steps to take a soil sample

  1. Get hold of a clean container – a press-seal plastic bag, clean jar or bottle.

  2. Contact SESL and check for the required sample volume and sampling technique.

  3. Pack it securely and post it to SESL.

  4. Get you results via e-mail.

For more information, please call us on 1300 30 40 80 or e-mail us on