Solutions for Royal Randwick

SESL Australia (SESL) was part of a larger project team engaged by the Australian Turf Club to undertake a comprehensive field and laboratory diagnostic investigation of the new track installation at Royal Randwick to determine its performance capacity.

The surface would need to withstand constant and often heavy impact. Most natural soils will compact under pressure. Compaction results in less pore space in the soil, leaving less room for root growth, oxygen supply, water-holding capacity and drainage.

To determine the engineering properties of the soil. Each sample collected was sent to SESL’s NATA accredited in-house soil laboratory for testing. Samples were retrieved using innovative and cost-effective techniques, one method used was the USGA method and the second McIntyre and Jakobsen method. USGA testing is a distinctive component within SESL’s service offering and expertise. It uses very heavy compaction to see how the soil will behave under extreme compaction from constant use. The McIntyre and Jakobsen method which uses a series of increasing levels of compaction to determine how a less heavily used field, such as an A-grade soccer field, will perform.

Both methods are highly reliable and compared to industry standards to provide verification or reconstruction recommendations.

Accurate and effective analytical turnaround time is dependent on two factors. The quality and quantity of the which field samples are collected and the timely testing, reporting and interpretation of the results.

One party working in the field typically collects samples and a second party does the laboratory analyses. This separation of tasks can potentially lead to expensive project delays and communication breakdowns. However, with SESL’s unique offering of its own in-house NATA accredited laboratory this area of concern is mitigated.

The knowledge and capabilities of SESL’s team both in the field ensuring proper sample procedures are performed and in the laboratory where tests are then executed correctly and efficiently. Meant SESL’s reporting results delivered no disruption to the project timeline and provided recommendations and amendment advice to soil blends would achieve the desired effects to the race track.