Chantal Milner

Senior Soil Scientist/ NSW Soil Science Manager

Chantal (BSc Env Bio) joined SESL Australia in 2012, bringing an array of valuable skills and experience to the organization. Chantal primarily manages the urban horticulture sector and is experienced in identifying strategies for site soil reuse reducing the need for soil
importation and waste disposal. Her specialties include developing soil blends from potential waste products and conducting plant growth trials to assess their viability.

Her skills also encompass tree forensics in relation to pathology identification, tree poisoning, nutritional deficiencies/toxicities and understanding why soil is not viable. Further soil science experience includes developing soil specifications and facilitating in the
sign off of hold points, soil surveying and characterizing soils. Chantal has extensive experience working in many landscapes from mine rehabilitation to garden landscapes to green walls and green roofs.

Chantal’s previous experience as an environmental scientist encompasses hazardous materials including asbestos, air quality, and soil contamination. Her practical experience in project management, training, education and communication ensures Chantal is an asset to any project especially those requiring a higher stakeholder engagement and client education.

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