Grace Pattanadarong

Organics Laboratory Supervisor

Grace (Kanyarat) Pattanadarong earned her bachelor of chemical engineering from KMITNB, Thailand and the master from CQU, Australia. She had worked as an engineer for 3 years in Thailand and has  5 years experience working in environmental testing as a lab supervisor in  Australia. 

Grace’s area of expertise including the organic analysis using various Gas Chromatography techniques. She has done the validation of new methods such as Monocyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (MAHs), Trace Elements on ICP-OES,  Gravimetric Analysis of Particulate Matter using Air Samplers and Australian Standard Leaching Procedure (ASLP) for PAHs and heavy metals. She has joined SESL in August 2019.

Her current focus is on improving and developing SESL’s Organics Laboratory and capabilities.


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