Huy Dang

Laboratory Technician

Huy is a laboratory technician as part of the Inorganics team and has a keen interest in environmental science and enjoys a range of soil testing methodologies and achieving quality results for clients. He has a background in ICP elemental analysis, auto titrators and combustion analysis of nitrogen and carbon.

He has previously worked in numerous laboratories across Sydney including a specialty chemical manufacturer at Callington Haven and a leading Sydney based laboratory and having gained a wealth of experience in research and development and analytical chemistry. He has developed a strong aptitude in wet chemistry techniques in both organic and inorganic chemistry while maintaining a high regard for safety in the laboratory.

In 2015, Huy was awarded a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering at UNSW and has undertaken an Honors research in the radical polymerization of acrylic monomers. He has demonstrated the use of sustainable energy methods with rigorous experimental testing and achieved the formation of stable polymers which are particularly useful in the plastics and cosmetics industry.

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