Jonas Larsen

Graduate Environmental Scientist

Jonas Larsen is an Environmental Scientist who works at SESL Australia Pty Ltd, soil and environmental consultancy based in Australia, providing consultancy advice towards environmental protection. As a scientist, Jonas believes that high-quality work is based on high-quality science and scientific interpretation.

Additionally, Jonas believes that effective communication of science is important for achieving better outcomes for clients and the environment.  

Jonas has applied his skills as an Environmental Scientist towards urban water management, environmental protection and soil science. Jonas has published papers in a range of disciplines such as soil biogeochemistry and bioretention soil media, and also presented his research at numerous conferences. For example, Jonas presented his research at the National Stormwater Conference (2018) and National Soils Conference (2018) regarding bioretention filter media in an attempt to bridge gaps between engineers, stormwater professionals and soil scientists. Jonas also partakes in science communication, where he frequently engages the public on a range of environmentally related scientific issues.

Jonas is a qualified environmental scientist who is trained in environmental science and soil biogeochemistry, holding a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Hons) from Griffith University.

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