Landfill Monitoring

SESL offer a range of professional environmental services for the monitoring of active and decommissioned landfills. Our multi-disciplinary team of scientific consultants have the skills and expertise you need to undertake both routine and scenario-specific assessments to ensure compliance with local, state and national regulators. Some of our landfill monitoring services include:
• Landfill gas monitoring
• Groundwater monitoring programs
• Landfill cap inspections
• Catchment surface water monitoring
• Solid waste classification
• Design and maintenance of parks atop landfill caps

With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra, our diverse team can deliver specialist consultation specific to your locality. We offer consistent quality and knowledge of federal, state and local environmental legislation.
For more than 30 years we have applied our extensive knowledge of water, soil, contaminated sites and the natural environment to both the private and public sectors. Our experience has allowed us to build a reputation for delivering technically sound, client-focused projects, with efficient, easy to interpret reports.
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