Horticultural Consulting

SESL’s soil science team also share experience in the horticultural industry. Our team has extensive experience and background knowledge in urban production and ornamental horticulture disciplines.

The Soil Science team can provide a range of services in the horticultural industry. Taking a ground-up approach, SESLs soil scientists investigate from the soil to the leaf tip when consulting in horticultural industries. SESL can assist in a range of horticultural services, including:

• Irrigation water quality and scheduling
• Hydroponic nutrient solution/fertigation formulation and scheduling
• Potting medium quality and formulation
• Disease identification and treatment
• Soil improvement for horticultural production

SESL can provide practical advice and management strategies to overcome the limitations of your horticultural operation. Using analytical data as a foundation, SESL will assess the potential issues and offer expert advice that can be applied in a case by case manner.

Our team has a strong familiarity with the relevant industry bodies in the horticultural industry. SESL can assist in compiling relevant data and providing advice on achieving industry recognised accreditations and certifications.