Soil Specification and Validation

Soil Specification and Validation

Site- and project-specific soil specifications are excellent tools to ensure landscaping and construction contractors meet the minimum requirements for the successful installation of a landscaped environment. A well-designed specification takes into consideration the availability of on-site resources, as well as resources available in the local market in the vicinity of the project. The ideal specification will achieve this, while considering the cost of sourcing to ensure the soil meets the demands of the landscape, without costing the developer more than is necessary.

SESL’s soil science team can design soil specifications to suit the needs and demands of your project. Using experience, industry standards and scientific data, SESL can specify a range of physical and chemical parameters to ensure that the soils installed are up to the requirements for your desired end use.

Using the specification, quality control and assurance can be applied throughout a project to ensure uniform, predictable performance.

Our Soil Science team can provide specifications for a range of situations, including:

Our soil science team can also assist in the quality assurance process, including validation and hold points for throughout the construction phase. SESL can provide the following services to projects of any size:

• Validation – Ensuring soils are compliant to specifications prior to delivery (at source), or following on-site delivery.
• Quality Assurance – Ensuring soils remain compliant during production.
• Hold Point Design – Identify critical points during soil production, amelioration and installation that should be closely monitored.

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Services and Specifications

  • Soil reuse and Soil Specification
  • Tree pits and tree pit soil
  • On site soil management
  • Wetland soils 
  • High performance Sport fields
  • Community Sports fields 
  • Planting depths 
  • Root volume needs 
  • Tree canopy needs
  • Species choice
  • Infiltration rates 
  • Specialist Nursery Potting Media
  • Soil suitability reports
  • Landscaping 
  • Mass Plantings 
  • Subsoils 
  • Raingarden / biofiltration media
  • Podium / lightweight soils 
  • On slab soils
  • Structural soils
  •  Potting mix design

Enviromental Services

Monitoring and testing is essential if your project relies on the soil.
Our in-house NATA accredited Laboratory based in Sydney provides an extensive array of reliable soil testing and analysis performed by our highly trained and dedicated laboratory technicians who ensure that the highest level of quality is achieved and maintained.

Our soil scientists in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra respond to clients’ needs and requirements to find solutions to soil problems and can tailor a long-term improvement plan.

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Soil Specification Compliance Testing

Soil Testing

USGA Tests – Full suite

AS 4419

WSUD & FAWB Testing

Cricket Wicket Clay Performance Testing

AS 4454 Testing

AS 3743 Testing

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