Soil Manufacture

Soil Manufacture

Manufacturing soils is a science. SESL can provide specialist advice on any soil type, designed for any end-use. SESL can assess the manufactured soils against the latest specification or Australian Standard to ensure that performance will be optimised. SESL can provide manufacturing advice for many soil types, including;

• Australian Standard 3743
• Australian Standard 4419
• QLD MRTS 16 Soil Specifications
• Landscaping
• Mass Plantings
• Turfed Areas
• Subsoils
• Raingarden / biofiltration media
• Podium / lightweight soil
• Potting Mixes
• Topdressing soils • On Slab Soils
• Structural Soils
• Wetland Soils
• High Performance Sportsfield Soils
• Green Wall Soils
• Water Sensitive Urban Design Soils (WSUD)

SESL can provide independent advice on manufacturing and formulation of soils to specific end uses. SESL can also provide certification to Australian standards, and management practices or amelioration advice to ensure the soils meet specification.

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NATA Accredited Laboratory

  • Product testing of landscape soils
  • Product testing of landscape materials

Enviromental Services

Our in-house Sydney NATA accredited Laboratory provides an extensive array of reliable soil testing and analysis performed by our highly trained and dedicated laboratory technicians who ensure that the highest level of quality is achieved and maintained.

Our soil scientists in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra respond to clients’ needs and requirements to find solutions to soil problems and can tailor a long-term improvement plan.

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Soil Nutrient Testing

Chemical properties of soil

AS 4419, AS 3743, AS 4454

Physical properties of soil

Water Infiltration Rate

Water holding capacity

pH & EC

Organic Matter testing

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