Soil Performance / Failure

Soil Performance / Failure

When there are issues with a plant or turf installation for both public and private open space, SESL can help to diagnose the issues. Following diagnosis, we can provide detailed, independent advice, including the development of management strategies and amelioration plans.

Our soil scientists and urban horticulture team provide detailed diagnoses as to why installations aren’t performing and provide advice as to the most practical solutions. From sports fields to rehabilitation of sites and landscape installations. We have the plant and soil expertise you need to ensure your project succeeds.

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Soil Performance & Failure Analysis

  • Landscape Failure Investigations & Reports
  • Soil consultancy for golf course construction
  • Soil consultancy for Public Parks and Gardens
  • Tree Pit and Tree Vault Soil Certification
  • Sports Turf Failure Investigations & Reports
  • Urban Soils
  • Agricultural Soils

Enviromental Services

Our in-house Sydney NATA accredited Laboratory provides an extensive array of reliable soil testing and analysis performed by our highly trained and dedicated laboratory technicians who ensure that the highest level of quality is achieved and maintained.

Our soil scientists in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra respond to clients’ needs and requirements to find solutions to soil problems and can tailor a long-term improvement plan.

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AS 4419 Testing

USGA Tests – Full suite

Cricket Wicket Clay Performance Testing

Soil Physical Testing

WSUD & FAWB Testing

Glyphosate Testing / Tree Poisoning Reports

Particle Size Testing

Hydraulic Conductivity USGA

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