Topsoil Reuse Plan

Topsoil Reuse Plan

Topsoil in Australia is a limited, finite resource – one that has taken millions of years to form. As such, it should be utilised to the fullest potential, especially on development sites. The successful recovery and reuse of soil resources on-site can significantly reduce the cost of development, minimising the need for both offsite disposal and soil importation.

SESL Australia can develop a detailed topsoil stripping and reuse plan for any proposed development site. By assessing topsoil and subsoil resources and identifying amelioration requirements, these plans help our clients to maximise soil recovery, allowing them to reuse what they have, rather than pay to replace it. Our detailed plans also help to minimise topsoil deficits at project closure.

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Topsoil Reuse Plan Services

  • Topsoil reuse for road construction
  • Topsoil reuse plans for rail, pipelines and bridges.
  • Tool box sessions for soil stripping plans
  • Customised topsoil design from onsite materials

Enviromental Services

Our in-house Sydney NATA accredited Laboratory provides an extensive array of reliable soil testing and analysis performed by our highly trained and dedicated laboratory technicians who ensure that the highest level of quality is achieved and maintained.

Our soil scientists in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra respond to clients’ needs and requirements to find solutions to soil problems and can tailor ongoing monitoring and improvement plans.

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Soil Nutrient Testing

pH & EC

Chemical properties of soil

Physical properties of soil

Organic Matter testing

Water holding properties

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