Hydrogeological Investigation

Hydrogeological Investigation


SESL has the capability to deal with all facets of hydrogeology. Our consultants have experience in a wide variety of investigations including:

  • Development and construction of new landfill;
  • Urban development;
  • Contaminated sites;
  • Water Supply;
  • Salinity Management;
  • Dewatering of Construction Site;
  • Mining; and regulatory liaison.

Depending on the type of development and regulatory requirements, the scope, method and techniques a  hydrogeological investigation can vary widely.

SESL’s hydrogeological investigation capability include:

  • Desktop investigation – which includes review of existing information including regional and local geology, hydrogeology or previous investigation from available literature related to the site; 
  • Aquifer testing (pumping test and slug trees);
  • Geophysical borehole logging; 
  • Exploration drilling, lithological logging, design and construction of monitoring and production bores; 
  • Ground water Modelling (conceptual and numerical modelling);
  • Groundwater Sampling and groundwater quality assessment for beneficial use;
  • Liaison with regulatory authorities.

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