Soil Testing

Soil Testing

SESL’s NATA Accredited Laboratory hosts a variety of soil analyses for a wide range of environmental, agricultural and urban horticultural sectors.
Our horticultural and agriculture testing services are broad covering a number of different methodologies to suit a diversity of markets. Our testing suites cover physical, chemical and nutritional analysis.

SESL can test to meet Australian Standards for soils and organic products, NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Specifications, Queensland Transport and Main Roads Specifications (MRTS 16), resource recovery order requirements (NSW Biosolids, etc.) and the majority of Client-provided specifications. Our analysis suites also cover landscape specifications that SESL has developed and published in ‘Soils for Landscape Development, Selection, Specification and Development (Leake and Haege 2014)’ to ensure that your soil meets the required end use.
Our soil science experts specialise in the analysis and interpretation of soil test results, ensuring you receive the best advice regarding your soil.

In the instance that there are deficiencies in the soil results, we can assist you to find solutions to overcome these limitations.

Our analysis extends to turf disease, plant pathology, plant identification, plant poisonings and combined with an amelioration strategy, SESL can provide solutions to help overcome these matters.

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  • Passive amenity turf
  • Sports fields (USGA)
  • Bunker sands 
  • Cricket wickets 
  • Mass planting
  • Garden beds
  • Street trees
  • On slab podiums 
  • Green walls 
  • Green roofs
  • Raingardens
  • Stormwater filtration systems
  • Wetlands
  • Display beds


Our in-house NATA accredited Laboratory based in Sydney provides an extensive array of reliable soil testing and analysis performed by our highly trained and dedicated laboratory technicians who ensure that the highest level of quality is achieved and maintained.

Our soil scientists in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra respond to clients’ needs and requirements to find solutions to soil problems and tailor a long-term improvement plan.

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Organics – TPH, BTEX, VOC, PAHs, OC/OP/PCBs, SVOC’s, aliphatic/aromatic speciation, GC/MS scans for unknowns

Metals – Wide range by ICP-OES eg Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Mercury, Lead, Nickel, Zinc

Physical Properties – pH, EC, moisture, total organic carbon

Acid Sulphate Soils – SPOCAS, Chromium Reducible Sulfur, AVS & SEM

Inorganics – Nutrients, cyanide, fluoride, cation exchange capacity (CEC), ESP and other environmental properties

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