Liquid Waste Management

Liquid Waste Management

Liquid waste and liquid effluent management is a detailed process that involves understanding of the environmental legislations, understanding the liquid wastes that are being disposed and understanding the reuse options.

SESL Australia works with all players in the liquid waste disposal industry. We have liquid waste consultants that can help with classifying liquid waste, experts in reuse and recycling of liquid wastes. We also have extensive expereince in reuse through Land Application and liquid waste composting.

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Liquid Waste Services

  • Effluent Irrigation plans
  • Greasetrap waste compliance for Land Application
  • Liquid food waste compliance for Land Application
  • EPA Specific waste exemptions (liquid waste)
  • Land application documentation for liquid waste
  • Advice on Waste Exemptions / Testing & monitoring of waste exemption requirements

Enviromental Services

Our NATA accredited laboratory provides reliable Liquid Waste testing and ongoing Liquid Waste monitoring. Our lab is backed by skilled consultants, talk to our consultants to help find the Liquid Waste testing you need.

Liquid Waste Testing

Trade Waste Testing

Effluent irrigation

Liquid food waste

Effluent Testing

Treated Drilling Mud Testing

Treated grease trap waste exemption

Heavy metal contamination testing (As, B, Cd, Cr, Cu, Hg, Ni, Pb, Se, Zn,)

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