Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management

Understanding your waste product is key to looking at how and where you can get the most effective legal waste disposal. Environmental waste reports and accurate testing of the waste prior to disposal are the key to making sure your project stays on budget and within the law.

Our consultants have extensive experience with classification of solid waste products for disposal. Our detailed yet concise reports are easily used for licensed waste disposal and environmental reporting. We test and report to the relevant state waste regulations.

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Solid Waste Management Services

  • EPA Specific waste exemptions (solid waste)
  • Land application documentation for liquid waste
  • Advice on Waste Exemptions / Testing & monitoring of waste exemption requirements

Enviromental Services

Our NATA accredited laboratory provides reliable Solid Waste testing and ongoing Solid Waste monitoring. Our lab is backed by skilled consultants, talk to our consultants to help find the Solid Waste testing you need.

Waste Classifcation

Heavy Metal Contamination (As, B, Cd, Cr, Cu, Hg, Ni, Pb, Se, Zn,)

Residue testing – pesticides OC/OP/PCB

Hydrocarbons (TRH) & BTEX

ENM testing / VENM testing NSW Orders & Exemptions

Category A, Category B, Category C testing Victoria IWRG

Classification of recyclable soil and non recyclable soil

Accreditations / Affiliations